Aspire adds a new contender to the AIO vape ring with the innovative Aspire Gusto Mini. A compact & stylish device, the Gusto Mini offers a lightweight & compelling alternative to the vapes currently on the market.

The Aspire Gusto Mini measures in at a 70mm height but boasts an impressive 900 mAh of power. The tiny size makes the device ultra portable & fits comfortably in the h&. The Aspire Gusto Mini is perfect as either a primary or secondary/backup device. The Gusto Mini is available in numerous colors, including red, black, grey & blue.

With a 17W output & 1.5-ohm resistance, the Gusto Mini offers cool, satisfying vapor in a small factor. Aspire has created a easy to use interface with a single fire button & sign light. When the Gusto Mini is charged, the light is green & ready to use. If the charge drops below 3.5V, the light will turn red & signal that you need to charge the device. The Aspire Gusto Mini costs through Micro-USB port & comes with an included cable.

The Aspire Gusto Mini has a fixed airflow, but can be used as either a mouth to lung or direct to lung device. The Gusto Mini uses 2ml pre-filled disposable pods for ease of use & quick, clean changing.

The pure genius of the Gusto Mini makes it the perfect device for any user. Put the Aspire Gusto Mini in your cart today!

Aspire Gusto Mini Kit Contains:

1 x Aspire Gusto Mini
1 x USB Charging Cable
1x Aspire Gusto Mini User Manual


Manufacturing Quality

There are two opposite trends in the vape & e-cig world right now. One is to make mods that are increasingly big & powerful. The other is to make vapes that are almost microscopically small, while still delivering excellent performance.

Either option can be done well, & both types of vapes serve essential functions. In my opinion, it’s worth it to have at least one opportunity in each category.

The Gusto Mini, like the name suggests, is in the second category. This is one of the smallest vapes that I’ve ever used, & everything you need sits inside. It doesn’t use a traditional tank. Instead, it has a unique pod system.

These pods come pre-filled, & they’re also disposable, meaning you throw the whole thing away when you run out of the liquid. There are two versions, one that is TPD compliant & one that has a 4.2ml capacity. I’m not sure if the 4.2ml pods are being sold yet though.

Overall Experience

I like the Aspire Gusto Mini.

If you’ve been reading my reports for a while, then it should come as no surprise to understand me to say that I love AIO vapes for portability issues. I’m all for big, mighty box mods, but they aren’t appropriate for all situations. They’re fantastic when at home or out with friends, but not so good for work, events, or being out in public.

That’s where these little AIO vapes come into play. They’re perfect for situations where you don’t want a big box mod. You can slip this in your pocket & discreetly take a few puffs here & there to get your nicotine fix. There’s another advantage of the higher nicotine options: you don’t have to get as many draws, which is usually a big plus in the same situations where portability is also great.

This would be a great beginner’s vape, but I also really like it as a portable addition to your more significant mods.

Those who are looking for a mod style setup with lots of power be sure to check out the SMOK G150. & for those who want a more portable vape that offers wattage control, we highly recommend the Capresso Target Mini.

I hope you enjoyed reading our Aspire Breeze Review review! I would love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment in the section below;

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