Electronic cigarettes can be considered as a popular option among many people who are looking for a way to get rid of smoking. Electronic cigarettes are associated with an activity that is known as vaping. A lot of e-cig brands can be seen in the present world. If you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of vaping, you need to stick to a reputed e-cig like E-LVT Mod. It can simply be defined as an effective, popular and an inexpensive electronic cigarette that you can see in the present world.

E-LVT Mod is powered by an Innokin System. The compact physical dimensions are impressive and you can carry it wherever you go and enjoy the same experience that you can get from a cigarette. You can see two physical buttons on this device. One can be used to fire and the other can be used to change voltage and wattage according to your needs. You can also have a look at the resistance of the atomizer in ohms by pressing the buttons up and down at the same time. If you want to lock all these controls, you need to hold all the buttons down for few seconds.


  • Measurements: Approx. 2.5”(w) x 4.25”(l)
  • Ultra-Tough Construction
  • Anti-Shock
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-Pressure
  • Passthrough Feature
  • Variable Voltage (3.0-6.0v)
  • Mobile Power Supply
  • Variable Wattage (3-15w)

E-LVT Instructions

  • Use included L-Key to unscrew back casing of Wellec E-LVT
  • Insert one fully charged 18650 battery in proper position at back of unit
  • Carefully attach compatible tank without overtightening
  • Press power button 3 times within 2 seconds to activate device
  • Replace back casing with L-Key
  • Lock/unlock device by holding both the “+” and “-“ keys for 10 seconds
  • Change wattage/voltage by pressing “+” to select wattage or “-“ for voltage, then adjusting output using the “+” and “-“ buttons once the selection is made.

You can see the typical Innokin product features in this device as well. For instance, you can see the three colored LED that can be used to monitor your battery level. In addition, you can see a USB port on the device that can be used to recharge your device. The features of E-LVT Mod is similar to Innokin MVP Mod. They only have one major difference; which is the ability to replace the battery. You can find an 18650mAh battery in E-LVT Mod, which can assist you to enjoy a lot of vaping without occasional recharges. This battery can easily be taken out by the screw that is located near the rubber compartment.

The developers of E-LVT Mod have given user friendly dimensions to it. You can also find a ring on top of the device that can be used for flush mounting. The compact dimensions fit perfectly well to your hand. On top of that, the entire device is provided with a rubber finish. This can assist you to hold the Mod firmly on your hand and have a nice vaping experience. It has also contributed towards the durability of this device. The design also supports enhanced airflow throughout the device. The fire button is located at a convenient place and you can have a great feeling when operating it.Really though, the best feature about this mod has to be its durability. Advertised as Shock proof, Water proof and Dust proof this mod is made for users who want to take their mods out into the world.

As typical with Innokin stuff, there’s a yellow/green/red light to let you know how much is left in your battery. There’s also a mini USB in to charge the device, a USB out to use the mod to charge other devices & an on/off turn the USB output.

The E-LVT mod is easily comparable to the Innokin MVP mod, without for one thing; the ability to change out the battery, which is enormous for the modding community. A slot for a 18650 battery means lots & lots of vaping.

The battery is concealed behind a rubber compartment held on by an Allen screw, which is where I’ve had a little bit of a problem. The screw & Allen wrench provides a little less than impressive. I’ve already stripped out the screw so make sure when you purchase the device you put a quality battery in. You’ll only want to swap it out when it dies. I had thought I might use it as a charger for other cells on the road but after changing the battery three times, I was barely able to get it back in. Luckily it’s a high-quality Sony battery so it should last a while. Hopefully, someone will find out what size screw it is & post where replacements can be found.

As far as the power, the E-LVT Mod is your typical VV/VW: 3-6 volts, 3-15watts. You may use it to your preference. Holding the fire button & the plus button will change it to watts, hold fire & harmful to go to volts.

Despite being aphotowesome & made out of rubber, there’s just one more thing. This bad boy’s got a flashlight. Yes, the E-LVT Mod has a flashlight.

While the beauty ring on the top of the mod might be a little large, yes it would be nice if this thing would allow for flush mounting, I must say that it will enable for fantastic airflow. I typically pair works with a Kanger Pro Tank & haven’t had any problems. Yes, it does allow for a 510 connection or an ego threaded connection. I’ve had no issues using the pro-tank mini on this device. Many top rings are too small to fit an ego threaded atomizer, but this fits just right.

photo 2
The 510/ego connection of the E-LVT mod.
Despite the cheap screw, my only other complaint with the E-LVT Mod is the flap that includes the USB charging. Its held on by one very reasonable plastic piece that is right next to the charging port, meaning you have to pull the flap enough to emphasize it to insert the charger. After having mine about a weak, this little piece of plastic snapped. Fortunately the plastic still adds right back into its place; you just have to make sure you keep up with it while the unit is charging.

In closing, if you’re a fan of the MVP, consider the E-LVT Mod an MVP on steroids with a flashlight. This probably wouldn’t be one of the first mods you should own but if you’ve been through the typical ego battery, to ego twist, to Vamo or sigelei ritual many vapers go through; I’d consider adding this mod to your collection. Its almost waterproof & there are videos of people running over this with a truck. Its perfect for hunting season & its form friendly enough to put it in your pocket.

E-LVT Mod can also be considered as one of the cheapest vaping devices that can be found in the present world. In other words, you can get all the above mentioned features for just $90. If you are looking for an effective vaping device that is equipped with user friendly dimensions and that holds the battery charge for a long period of time, E-LVT Mod is the best option available out there in the market.


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