By now my obvious preference of the pipe form factor over tubes and boxes should be quite apparent, even as a smoker I was more of a pipe smoker than a cigarette smoker (which at a younger age seemed a bit out of place), so it’s not really surprising that this carried over into my vaping habits.

The Jazz Cartopipe took four days from postage to international delivery; I am convinced that Romania (maker) is holding the postman’s dog for ransom to ensure speedy delivery. Four days international delivery is not something I would have imagined possible. I have been using it exclusively for five days now as part of the review process, which you need to wait for a bit longer, haven’t given it the beans yet.

I arrived wrapped in lots of bubble-wrap, which aside from keeping it safe from scratches also game me hours of fun (who doesn’t like bubble-wrap? Crazy people that’s who!). Included was a nice little felt pouch, a wonderful touch but not very protective, with a plastic stand.. for obvious reasons.

Enough already, on with the impressions bit:

The wood, which looks like cherry to me but I’m in no way qualified to tell for sure, has a wonderful weight to it, even without the battery this pipe is too heavy to rest in your mouth (you shouldn’t do that anyway.. the 40′s are gone, let it go). The bowl walls are quite thick which I thought I wasn’t going to like, but it gives the pipe a nice feeling a hand. The workmanship on the outside is nothing short of beautiful; it even has that high gloss finish that I loved on my tobacco pipes. As with any handcrafted mod there will be some flaws, in this one there are some inside areas I would love to see a bit more attention to, the finish on the edge of the mortise can use a touch of sanding to remove that little edge of lacquer that seems to have escaped the rest of the finish (it’s a tiny thing, but somehow it bugs me) and some cleaner soldering with the bottom spring couldn’t hurt either.

The button is a mechanical little nipple at the top of the bowl, it’s a bit on the small side and can dig into the skin during intense vaping sessions, but not as much that is becomes uncomfortable. The brass, however, will tarnish and need to be shined occasionally.

Like the Sunpipes the Jazz is made to fit a cartomizer in the shank, but unlike them, this cartomizer is a slim 510 one keeping the overall size quite manageable.

Conclusion so far:

The Jazz cartopipe feels fantastic in the hand and was obviously made with a lot of attention to detail, the woodworking is masterful. At it’s going price of $115 it is the cheapest currently available purpose-built wooden pipe mod. There’s a pair of tiny little areas that need a little more attention. But for first impressions, I am impressed. ( #seewhatididthere? :P )

The Review:

I’m not comfortable in offering a full review until I’ve used the pipe (any product for that matter) for at least a week. So the review will hopefully be done by the weekend.. no promises.. I prefer to take it slow and be more thorough.

Full Disclosure:

This epipe was received free of charge for the purposes of a review (which is in the works) it is now mine and I’m not giving it away nahnahanah nahnah nah. It would take a hell of a lot more to buy my opinion (low seven figures if anyone is interested), so this first impressions piece and the subsequent review have not been in any way biased.


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