Summer is fast approaching, and I have been hunting for tropical e-liquid that will bring the season to life. I remembered Naked 100 has a whole lot of fruity e-juice flavors. I have tried a few of them, and they surely did not disappoint. Today, I am going to try a new one. The flavor name claims this is amazing but is it? Read my full review about Amazing Mango by Naked 100 below.

“Amazing Mango from Naked 100 is a bit deceptive in its name because mango is not the flavor in this delightful blend. Peaches and cream are blended with the mango to create a refreshing all day vape.” Wait, what? This is a combination of mangoes, peaches, and cream? Now, I am excited.

The taste of this vape juice matches the flavor description perfectly. The mango flavor in this blend is backed by touches of peach and a little cream. Similar to the other Naked 100 e-juices, the flavor of this vape juice is well-balanced. You can distinguish each flavor, and one does not overpower the other. Both the mango and peach flavors are captured perfectly. The cream provides a soft backdrop for the entire experience.

This vape juice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. It has great vapor production. Cloud chasers will love vaping this e-juice. The clouds are huge and dense, and they do not disperse right away.

As for the throat hit, there are different nicotine strength levels available for this blend. It comes with 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg or 12 mg of nicotine. I went for my usual 3 mg level. Well, the throat hit at this level is okay. The nicotine strength is slightly milder than I expected. So if you want to go for a stronger nicotine kick, I suggest you go for a higher nicotine strength level.

Amazing Mango vape juice will give you a smooth vaping experience though. I did not experience any nose tingling sensations or even fits of coughing and spluttering.

Just like other flavors from the Naked 100 lineup, Amazing Mango e-juice comes in a clear glass bottle with a dropper, child-proof cap. The dropper cap allows you to transfer your e-liquid into your atomizer or tank without spilling a single drop. The packaging design is simple but sleek. You will easily find all the usual product information on the label, including the brand name, flavor name, size, nicotine concentration, and VG/PG ratio. On the side of the label, you can also find the images of the flavor components. For this bottle, you will find peach, mango, and cream.

Overall, Amazing Mango vape juice is another quality product from Naked 100. The combination of the peach and mango flavor was done perfectly. The cream plays a role in adding smoothness to the whole blend. This is an all day vape for me.

Amazing Mango e-juice by Naked 100 is up for grabs at for as low as $19.99 only. Other flavors from Naked 100 are also available at this store. You will find many Naked 100 e-liquids at this store such as Lava Flow, Brain Freeze, Hawaiian Pog, Maui Sun, and Go Nanas. Head over to Smoking Things to check out Naked 100 and other e-liquid brands.

The Naked 100 line is brought to you by The Schwartz. The company crafts clean and natural-tasting e-juices to provide a memorable vaping experience. You may think I am just enticing you to join the bandwagon, but trust me, Amazing Mango e-juice and all other Naked 100 e-juices are just downright delicious. You will not regret every penny you spend on this fantastic e-liquid.


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