The D2 is also available in the EU warehouse for $45.99

The D2 is a new mini box mod from pioneer4u which goes up to 75 watts & does temp control with both nickel & titanium. It’s a small, reasonably lightweight mod almost as small as the stick 20s! It takes replaceable 18650 batteries however that can be changed out fairly quickly with its clamshell design that slides off the mod & uses ball bearings & slide rails to keep it in place. The body of the mod seems quite reliable & made by aluminium with black paint over, there were no gaps or rattling with the battery door, however if the door happens to fit loose over time you can take off the clamshell & bend it a bit in order to get it to sit better, however it has not become noticeably loose yet after opening the battery area many times.


The buttons are quite nice to press, not extremely clicky but a slightly firmer press than some other mods. There was no button rattle too. The 510 is made of stainless steel & spring loaded; it’s not adjustable with a screwdriver even though you can see a screw head. It’s sweet & rounded in h& too & is 78x24x40mm, so an Atty like the lemon that 23mm sits quite flush with the body as well as your 22mm attys. The mod itself comes with a barrel connector for charging the device if you wanted to use the onboard charging, so you would have to use the same kind of adaptor to load & not a micro USB one. You can connect this to the pc or a wall plug through to charge. There’s also a silicon sleeve included with the mod. Apparently, some people have had the paintwork scratch easily so at least it comes with the jacket although it would be better if the paint didn’t have this problem.


The mod does temp control with nickel & titanium wire but its possible too with stainless steel if you experiment with the temperature & joules settings for ni/ti. On this mod, you can adjust the max temp & the joules from 10-50j, 10 joules is roughly equivalent to 10 watts, etc. In temp control mode you can lock the resistance by holding + & – & it’ll show the strength & lock. Best to do that when the coil is cold as well as the Atty or at room temperature.


You can also lock the mod with + & power button, & unlock the same way. The mod displays the resistance & other values to 2 up on the main screen. To enter the menu, you can enter by clicking the fire button five times, & it’ll first say “SYSTEM OFF”if you then click left it’ll display “System OFF” which means that option has been selected & after a few secs the display off meaning the mod is off. The other options when in the menu can be cycled through by pressing the fire button again after the initial five clicks. There’s Joule mode, Unit F, Temp, Coil Ni200, EXIT ON. At Joule Mode click left or right to go to Power Mode & vice versa, in Power mode, the options to change the temp, Celsius or Fahrenheit & coil type disappears from the menu. You can choose whether temp is displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit as well as the coil type being ni or ti wire & then the temp can be changed there too. When you want to exit the menu, there’s a selection called “EXIT ON,” click left or right to exit that to get to the main screen.

Pioneer4You IPV D2 Box Mod Instructions

A beautifully engineered construction, the IPV D2 Box Mod has been built with the comfort of the user in mind, the shape & size has been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the user’s h& for all day vaping. Lightweight & compact, its rounded edges give a modest yet classy look & one that exudes excellence & style. The device features a clear OLED screen & placed above are the activation & adjustment buttons. The screen itself is easy to navigate & displays the settings of the device such as voltage or wattage, temperature, battery life, & atomizer resistance.

The IPV D2 Box Mod is a variable voltage & wattage device that gives the user a vast range of control over their vaping. The IPV D2 is adjustable from 5 watts to a robust 75 watts or with voltage the user can dial in from 1 volt to 8 volts. Due to its high flexible range, the IPV D2 is quite a versatile device & can be used with sub ohm atomizers, or regular ohm atomizers. If the user prefers to build their coils, this box mod can h&le atomizer resistances from 0.2 – 3.0 ohms with Kanthal coils. If the user would like to utilize the temperature control mode, the IPV D2 can h&le ohm ratings of 0.05 – 0.3 ohms with either Pure Nickel or Titanium coil.

The temperature control mode of the IPV D2 is one of the best features of this revolutionary sub ohm capable box mod. This device utilizes the YiHi SX130H Chip, which is one of the advanced processors currently prepared on the vaping scene. In Temperature Control Mode, the IPV D2 has settings from 200°F – 580°F. This chip allows to use Ni-200 Pure Nickel or Titanium wires on atomizers, which gives the user the ability to set & adjust the actual temperature of the coils. Temperature control & limiting offers the user flavorful, smooth vape & one that is virtually guarded against hard & burned hits.

The IPV D2 utilizes a removable 18650 battery (not included), which can be easily installed or removed via the mod’s sliding battery door. This mod also features an internal charging capability that allows the battery inside the device to charge via a USB capable & without the need of an external battery charger. Enjoy your vape with numerous peace of mind with the IPV D2’s innovative features. Stylish, sleek & powerful, this device is also built with a broad range of essential safety measures as well. Included with its functionalities are Low Resistance Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, Temperature Overheat Protection, Output Short Protection, Battery Low Voltage Protection & On/Off capability.


IPV D2 Features:

Temperature Control Capable (Pure Nickel or Titanium Coils)
Supports USB Charging
Variable Wattage & Voltage
Ergonomically Designed
Bright OLED Screen
Utilizes Replaceable 18650 Battery (not included)

Protects Against:
On / Off Capable
Reverse Polarity
Temperature Overheat
Low Resistance
Output Short
Battery Low Voltage


hold +- to set resistance
you chip: sx130h
7-75 watts
10-50j in temp mode
3.6-7v in power mode
1-7v joule mode
output current 1-25a
input current 1.3a-30a
st&ard res 0.2-3ohms
temp mode res 0.05-3ohms
small device similar size to stick 20,30,40, shorter than the cooper mini, slightly shorter than the box
175g with battery, 130g without

low voltage protection, low resistance protection, high input voltage protection, output short circuit protection, reverse battery protection, temperature overheat protection, vent holes at the bottom


Some issues:
There’s the issue with the paint that some people have experienced, but luckily the silicon cover is included. Also, some might find the lack of micro USB on the mod to be an issue but luckily it can still be charged with the included cable & batteries can be easily removed with the battery cover not getting scratched when removing it. There’s also another issue some might experience when trying to vape at lower watts which is no step down so the raised ohm coils may suffer less of a problem, but there’s a workaround which is to go into temp method even for kanthal & then lock your resistance & you can now adjust the watts by changing the joules settings. This seems to work fine then, but it means the lowest setting is 10 joules equivalent to 10 watts or possibly just less. There’s no noticeable pulsing however at these more moderate settings.

The D2 is an excellent 75-watt mod that’s tiny & has a good chip inside of it with the battery being easy to remove; it’s quite easy to move around the menu system too & its one of the smallest single battery mods that’s powerful also.

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